6th - 8th March 2017
Courtyard Marriott Brussels, Belgium
A New Era for Medical Polymers
6th - 8th March 2017
Courtyard Marriott Brussels, Belgium
A New Era for Medical Polymers
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Conference Programme | 7th - 8th March

There are also Training Seminars taking place on Monday 6 March. Conference delegates are invited to attend the Training Seminars at no extra cost. To view the agenda please click here >> 

Day One| 7th March

08.30 Registration & Networking

09.15 Welcome and Introduction

David Eldridge, Editor-Plastics News Europe, Crain Communications
Professor Austin Coffey, President, SPE - Conference Chair

09.30 Keynote Address 1 – Technology Convergence in the Medical Device Industry
Professor Austin Coffey, President, SPE - Conference Chair

10.00 Keynote Address 2 – Bioresorbable Polymers - Realizing Their Potential for Next Generation Medical Devices
Len Czuba, President, Czuba Enterprises Inc.

  • Bioresorbables – a remarkable new family of polymers
  • Challenges of processing & a review of how to succeed
  • Case studies of products that have been developed
  • A look to future medical products made possible with bioresorbables

Novel processing of polymers for medical applications 

10.30 Medical Grade Thermoplastic Elastomers – Definitions and Recent Developments
Niklas Ottosson, Technical Manager – Medical, HEXPOL TPE AB (formerly ELASTO) 

  • Medical grade TPE’s and how they differ from food contact grades
  • Solvent bondable TPE materials

11.00 Tea/Coffee and Networking

11.30 Polymer Biocompatability in Medical Devices
Damian Kelly, Owner, Damian Kelly Medical Device Consultancy

  • Regulation
  • Cluster thinking
  • Animal Testing
  • Cost and Time
  • Ways forward
12.00 New developments in medical PVC: Blood, bonding and regulations (Blood, sweat and tears)

Dr. Martin Stimpson, Market Development Manager, Eastman Company UK

  • New and revised regulations and market forces effecting medical PVC device application
  • A summary of a 3-year accelerated aging solvent bonding study comparing PVC plasticized with DEHT and DEHP bonded to 6 key medical thermoplastics
  • Results of an in vitro study of Eastman 168T SG non-phthalate plasticiser (DEHT) in red blood cell containers with 2 different preservative solutions versus a DEHP control bag at up to 42 day storage

12.30 SCF Assisted Extrusion of Nano-Filler Reinforced Polymers for Medical Applications
Nireeksha Karode, Convergent Technologies Research Group, Waterford Institute of Technology

  • Advances in melt-compounding medical plastics with graphene-based nanofillers using super critical carbon dioxide to enhance the homogeneity and mechanical properties of Pebax composites
  • The talk addresses present paucity of scientific knowledge regarding even dispersion and electromechanical enhancement in case of composite technology for tubing application
  • Results of preliminary investigations conducted on the processing of Pebax-graphene composites using super critical fluid assisted extrusion
13.00 Lunch and Networking

14.00 The interplay of process, materials, and mechanism in product development
Dr Ed Fewkes, Director-Polymer Processing and Development, Corning Incorporated

  • The interplay between process, materials, and mechanism is key to successful innovation, which has to some degree fallen out of fashion
  • This talk will explore several material development projects which have made use of these tenets to aid in the success of their development

Medical Device Designing and Packaging 

14.30 Engineering & Industrial Design; Complementary disciplines driving effective product development
David Fleming, Engineering Consultant, Design Partners

  • Setting up for success; early stakeholder involvement
  • Concept – generation, selection & development
  • Blue sky thinking and the rigour of the scientific method
  • Prototyping, verification & validation
  • The tight rope dance; retaining the vision and integrity of the vision in the face of technical constraints
15.00 Tea/Coffee and Networking

15.30 Applying Human Factors and Usability Engineering to Medical Devices
Steve May-Russell
, CEO, Smallfry Industrial Design & Innovation Strategy

  • Designing to optimise the user's experience
  • Why it's easy to get it so wrong while thinking you've got it right
  • How to create your advocates and champions
  • How do you capture what really matters?
  • Making sure you're managing the risks
  • Effectively checking your assumptions

16.00 PVC- the material that enables healthcare professionals to do their best job possible
Ole Grøndahl Hansen, Project Manager and General Manager of PVC Information Council Denmark, PVCMed Alliance 

PVC is the most used plastic for disposable medical devices. PVCMed Alliance Project Manager Ole Grøndahl Hansen will give an overview of PVC's technical advantages and in addition inform about exciting new developments when it comes to replacement of classified phthalates and circular economy. The presentation also includes examples of how PVCMed intensively communicates about PVC’s benefits for patients, healthcare professionals and environment.

16.30 Recycling of Medical Plastics
Jane Gardner, Principal Consultant, Axion Consulting 

  • Collecting and recycling single use PVC medical devices from hospitals
  • Helping hospitals to save money by taking material out of the clinical waste stream
  • Applicable to other single stream plastic medical devices  
  • Circular solutions for the medical plastics sector

17.00 Closing Remarks followed by drinks reception

Day Two | 8th March

08.30 Registrations & Networking

09.15 Welcome and Introduction
David Eldridge, Editor-Plastics News Europe, Crain Communications
Professor Austin Coffey, President, SPE - Conference Chair

09.30 Keynote Address 1 – Enabling Circular Solutions in Healthcare Plastics
Dominika Domanska, Sustainability Manager Johnson and Johnson, HPRC (Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council)
Susanne Backer
, Project Leader for Circular Economy, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark 

  • Demonstrate models of collaboration within value chain to enable recycling of clean, non-infectious healthcare plastics
  • Share highlights of completed work and available tools & guidelines that allow scaling up successful pilots of plastic recycling in hospitals
  • Share insights from Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark  that already launched its work to identify opportunities for recycling of plastics
10.00 Keynote Address 2 – Strategic Materials Selection
 “It is impossible to predict the future but it is possible to minimise risks and to be ready for what is likely to happen”.

Dr. Finbar Dolan, Founder & Director, Tissue Matrix Technology

  • A strategic approach to change management in managing materials selection
  • Achieve competitive advantage in designing and commercialising regulated products
  • Quantify and optimise selection by addressing strategic issues as criteria
  • Evaluate and set specifications around advanced materials and functional fillers


The talk will review the basic tenets in biomaterials selection, describe the context and basis for selection processes and the strategic integration and management of materials selection. It will present a model for a systematic process for materials selection for medical devices to proactively manage materials selection for design (DFX) and custom test development for implantable and non implantable devices.



10.30 Fight the Fake – Solutions for Drug packaging and delivery device materials
Cecile Balloffet, Medical Business Development Engineer, Clariant Plastics & Coatings

  • Focus on explaining where the risks can come from along the raw materials supply chain
  • Opening up new possibilities for the material selections and consequently for the packaging and device performances
  • Anti-counterfeit solution: examine an ‘end to end’ robust in-plastics security and monitoring platform

11.00 Tea/Coffee and Networking

11.30 The changing face of the biomedical plastics industry: new challenges and new solutions
Dr Sea
n Lyons, Director, Applied Polymer Technologies Research Centre

  • Additive manufacturing – advances in materials and processes
  • Biodegradable Polymers – applications in stenting
  • Novel processing methods – changes to traditional approaches


12.00 The influence of radiosterilisation on the performance of fully assembled medical device catheters
Morgan Tierney, Advanced Engineering, Teleflex Medical

12.30 Precision, Stability and Comfort of Patient Immobilization in Radiation Oncology: Immobilization Devices based on Nano Technology
Dr. Bogdan Bogdanov, Ir.R&D - Senior Research Engineer – Polymers, Orfit Industries

13.00 Lunch and Networking


Additive Manufacturing and Injection Moulding 

14.00 Issues to be considered and approaches to suit different situations during validation of moulds
Shaun Ruck­, Director­, Helix Polymer Technology Ltd­.

  • A review of current validation approaches and requirements
  • Moves and demands of legislation on mould approval and volume manufacture
  • Practical considerations for achieving efficient results during testing and production

14.30 Additive manufacture of tooling for injection moulding and assembly of medical device components
Michael Hopkins, Researcher-Applied Polymer Technologies Research Centre, Athlone Institute of Technology

15.00 Tea/Coffee and Networking

15.30 SLA and FDM additive manufacturing techniques for controlled release of Active pharmaceutical ingredients for controlled drug release applications
Andrew Healy, Researcher, Athlone Institute of Technology

Process & Machinery 

16.00 Extrusion systems for medical devices - key factors
Simone Maccagnan, Sales Manager, Gimac Microextruders

  • Microstructural properties - Which ones?
  • Polymer preparation, what to do/could go wrong?
  • Compounding, unexpected contents
  • Extrusion, key factors
  • Extrusion Process Performance, how to measure it?

16.30 Chair Summary of the Conference

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